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Personal Development 

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Dan Schmillen 

Genesis Group Personal Development Coordinator

At Genesis Group, we believe that personal development goes hand-in-hand with career and financial development. Dan's role with our team is shedding insight on how to grow personally on this financial journey day trading in the forex and crypto markets. He hosts one call per week with goals of helping others grow in new ways. We are all on our own journeys and hope all of our customers can grow in new ways with our Genesis Group team. Follow Dan's 'Personal Development' channel of our Discord to be more involved in this part of Genesis Group. 

More About Dan

What's up everyone! My name is Dan Schmillen, and I am 19 years old. I have been in the entrepreneurship space for about a year now. I moved out to Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a few months back to pursuit my journey in entrepreneurship and day trading. I wouldn’t trade the world for it, I love working with people and helping individuals grow. I partnered up with the Genesis Group Trading Community because I know how important it is to personally develop yourself every day to reach various types of goals. Your mind is a very powerful thing and if you’re not consistently watering it, it will start to rot away. My Personal Development portion of the Discord I hope to be a life accelerator and give you all massive amounts of clarity on why you are here, your vision for life, and how to manifest that vision into reality. I am so excited to begin to run weekly Personal Development calls for the Genesis Trading Community. I look forward to working and growing with all of you!

Dan Schmillen 

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